Photocopying, Printing, and Scanning


Two self-service copiers are located in the Copy Center on the main floor, both accepting StagBucks on the StagCard.

The Circulation Desk staff can assist you if there are any questions about the copy machines in the library.


StagPrint is the name of the University's free-print allotment account. All full-time undergraduate students receive $25.00 in free prints per semester, with all other students receiving $5.00 per registered course. A print management system was first implemented in September, 2003 in an effort to reduce waste and control costs related to a previously unregulated system of public access printers.

Fairfield University now uses WEPA to manage its public-access printers. WEPA, an acronym for Wireless Everywhere, Print Anywhere, allows users to send their print jobs to the cloud, and then release them at their convenience from one of ten kiosks around campus.

Currently there are 5 WEPA kiosks located in the library with the capability of both B&W and color printing.

Visit StagPrint for more information on WEPA printing including locations, instructions, and how-to-guides.

For faculty printing, please contact



One self-service flatbed scanner station and one automatic document feed are available in Information Commons on the main floor.