Document Delivery FAQ

Document Delivery (faculty and staff) - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q I've heard there is a Document Delivery service on campus for faculty and staff. How does this work?

A Faculty and staff can request journal articles in print and microform from the library's own collection to be scanned and sent to them via electronic document delivery, saving you a lot of time and effort. For Document Delivery, click on Request Print/Microform Articles from DNL (Document Delivery) to submit a request. Faculty and staff also have the option of requesting books and audio-visual materials from the library's collection to be delivered to certain locations on campus. To find out more about delivery of library books and audio-visual material, please visit our Faculty/Staff Delivery Service page.

Q How can I submit a document delivery request?
Faculty and staff may submit document delivery requests online through Request Print/Microform Articles from DNL (Document Delivery). This will take you to a Net ID log in page which will then automatically route you to the request form itself. Fill in the citation information - as complete as possible - and include an ISSN number if you have it. Often, you can simply click on the link and the form will be populated with the citation information automatically.

Q How can I check whether a document delivery request has been submitted?

A You can always check the status of your requests by logging into your account, and clicking "View Outstanding Requests." This will tell you whether the request has been sent, processed, or shipped.

Q How many requests can be submitted at any one time?
Patrons may submit as many requests as they like, however, requests are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Busy times during the semester may add to processing time. Patrons are encouraged to prioritize their requests and send them in as early as possible to ensure timely and efficient delivery.

Q How soon will I get the items I've requested?
A Please allow anywhere from 2- 4 business days for document delivery requests to be processed. (In fact most of these requests arrive in as little as two days - but this cannot be guaranteed.) It is good practice to allow enough time for your requests to be completed, so faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to submit their article requests as early in the research process as possible.

Q How will I be notified when a document delivery item has arrived?
A Document delivery articles and book chapters are uploaded to a secure server which will allow you to view, print, or download the material for a 30-day period. An e-mail message will be sent to you as soon as the item is available.

Q What if a document delivery article I've requested cannot be filled?
 If for whatever reason the journal article or book chapter is not available in our own collection, we will automatically route your request to interlibrary loan and obtain this material for you from another library. You should receive your requested items as usual, with no disruption or delay in service.

Q I am working for a faculty member and submitting requests. What should I put on the document delivery form?
A Since this service at present applied only to faculty and staff, it is essential that the faculty member doing the research contact us ahead of time, alerting us to the fact that a designated student assistant will be making requests on their behalf. The student can use their own log in, but please remember to put the faculty member's name and contact information on the form in the "Comments" field.

Q Who should I contact with more questions?
 We are happy to answer any and all questions regarding this service. You can always contact us in-person in the library, by telephone (203) 254-4000 ext. 2135, or e-mail