Constitution of Fairfield University's Graduate Student Assembly

Article I          Name

The name of this organization shall be The Graduate Student Assembly; heretofore known as the Graduate Student Assembly, (GSA).

Article II         Purpose

An advisory board of graduate students from each program, working to assist and advocate for the graduate student experience and the Jesuit character of our programs. The graduate student assembly acts as the liaison between the graduate student body and the University administration.

  • Serve as a forum for the discussion of matters pertaining to the welfare of graduate students at Fairfield University.
  • Serve as a liaison between the graduate student body and the University administration.
  • Contribute to the recognition and integration of graduate students at the University.
  • Foster unity among graduate students at Fairfield by sponsoring  activities and other events.
  • Strive to continuously improve the standards of the academic experience of Fairfield's graduate students

Article III       Representatives

Section 1. There will not be a ranking system of officers but rather an advisory board of representatives from each graduate school.

Section 2. The university advisor is the Assistant Vice President of Administrative and Student Affairs.

Article IV        Duties of Representatives

Section 1. The university advisor shall assist the representatives of the Graduate Student Assembly with the building of graduate student presence on campus and with community building endeavors and shall ensure that all matters are responsibly produced.

Section 2. Representatives are graduate or continuing studies students at the university whom are appointed by the Dean of their school.

Section 3. Each Representative must attend one Graduate Student Assembly meeting each semester and respond to all communication in a timely manner. Special meetings may be called by any of the representatives. A quorum shall be present in order to conduct official business of the organization. A quorum shall consist of those present at the meeting, but must consist of a minimum of the university advisor and one representative from each school.

Section 4. Decisions of the organization shall be enacted by a majority vote of those at the meeting. Decisions will be made available to all students within 24 hours of the meeting. Objections can be made up to 1 week after the meeting in which the decision was made.

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