Sophomore Residential Colleges

Sharing stories, kicking back with friends, asking the big "meaning of life" questions, integrating coursework with personal life experiences, mentoring, retreats, and a whole lot of fun! Which one will you choose?

Application first pool deadline is February 28, 2013. applications will be received after this date while spaces remain available.

Sophomores can choose among 3 residential college experiences that examine questions of community, identity, and vocation. Participation is voluntary. Each provides:

  • An intentional living experience
  • Specialized courses
  • Integrative seminars
  • Mentoring programs
  • Retreats
  • Related events

While the components and some experiences may be similar, each college will look at life as a vocation through their own particular lens. In this way, participating sophomores get both a common and unique experience. Check out our page for more information. To help you get a sense of those particular lenses, below is a description of each residential college.

Creative Life Residential College

Creativity is a uniquely human trait that has been the wellspring of the great achievements of all time. Each of us has a creative impulse, which we express in numerous ways throughout our lifetimes. The Creative Life Residential College, located at 42 Bellarmine Road, offering 4 person suites, is a sophomore living and learning community that will help guide students to a greater awareness of themselves as creative individuals, while exploring fundamental questions of identity, community, and vocation. Students from all schools and departments at the university are welcome. We are encouraging synergy between business, science, arts, engineering, humanities and nursing students. This is a particularly wonderful opportunity for people who have never considered their creative side. The following questions will frame the students' exploration:

  • Who am I?
  • Whose am I?
  • How do I live a creative and examined life?

‌Ignatian Residential College

Sophomore year is a time of intentional exploration of the unique gifts and talents of each student. The Ignatian Residential College, located in Loyola (2 person residential hall) and now in its 10th year, has served as a second home for over 2000 sophomore students while offering them a perspective and a method for a lifetime of learning. Ignatian: Uses the renowned Ignatian model of reflection to discover the intellectual, social and spiritual truths about ourselves and the world. Residential: An intentional living/learning community in an intentionally designed building (Loyola Hall) that fosters friendships of quality and depth, encourages learning from one another and celebrates the diversity of its members. College: A unique educational experience on the Fairfield campus where students, faculty and staff engage in common pursuit of the meaning and purpose of our lives and of all of reality, sharing that conversation with the greater university community. The overarching key questions for our community are:

  • Who am I?
  • Whose am I?
  • Who am I called to be?

Learn more about the Ignatian Residential College 

Service for Justice Residential College

When we are at our best, we deeply appreciate the gifts of others and seek to serve those in need. The Service for Justice Residential College (S4J) located on the "Quad" in 70 McCormick Hall (2 person residential hall), is a community based on exploring questions of service, diversity and social justice. Through conversations, reflection and action of students, faculty, and mentors with one another, the hope of this community is to appreciate an historical context of and passion for social justice, understand diversity and all its manifestations, communicate with others about and across differences, and take action and become change agents. In this way, all are able to construct and discern their own living and learning experience. This community welcomes students of all interests, backgrounds, and perspectives. Three overarching questions guide our community: 

  • Who am I?
  • Whose am I?
  • How am I called to serve justice?