Ignatian Residential College

irc_group_06-07Sophomore year is a time when you begin to think about your future life generally and your academic majors specifically. Your are considering study abroad options, forging friendships, and beginning to question your own thinking processes as they become more critical and increasingly sophisticated.

There are bigger questions that arise for you in sophomore year: not so much what to do in life - a career, job, profession - but about who you are: the deeper meaning of how you uniquely fit into the world, society, community, indeed, questions about the purpose for your life that is part of the purpose of God.

Who am I?

Whose am I?

Who am I called to be?

To help you begin to answer these questions, the University has instituted a sophomore year experience for selected students, the Ignatian Residential College. Features include:

  • Loyola Hall, a dedicated residential hall of the College
  • Academic core courses, taught in Loyola Hall
  • Service opportunities off campus
  • Lectures, cultural events, field trips, dinners
  • Faculty residents
  • Small reflection groups 

irc_igThe Ignatian Residential College offers sophomores the ideal university experience. It allows students to study, search and live the deeper questions about their lives. The college is a year of intentional exploration of the unique gifts and talents of each student. It offers students a perspective and a method for a lifetime of learning.

In 2001, Fairfield University was awarded a $2 million grant funded by the Lilly Endowment to establish the Ignatian Residential College. The Lilly Endowment, under the Theological Exploration of Vocation program, provided grants to 88 church-related liberal arts colleges and universities across the country. Fairfield University was among 37 schools nationwide, and the only one in Connecticut, to receive this sustainability grant.

Ignatian: Uses the renowned Ignatian model of reflection to discover the intellectual, social and spiritual truths about ourselves and the world.

Residential: An intentional living/learning community in an intentionally designed building (Loyola Hall) that fosters friendships of quality and depth, encourages learning from one another and celebrates the diversity of its members.

College: A unique educational experience on the Fairfield campus where students, faculty and staff engage in common pursuit of the meaning and purpose of our lives and of all of reality, sharing that conversation with the greater university community.

Questions & Answers

The three Guiding Questions of our program are:

Who am I? Seeks to identify who I am now in my life because of my history and the choices I have made, to explore my innate personality, and my individual gifts and talents.

Whose am I? We belong to many communities, persons, ideas, interests and truths - some by birth, some by circumstances, some by choice. To whom or to what do I make commitments? Who or what has a hold on my time, my life?

Who am I called to be? Aware of my developing gifts and talents, how do I live life in a way that uses these to the fullest for my satisfaction and for the benefit of my family, friends, colleagues, and the world? How and where do I uniquely fit? What kind of a person am I building myself to be?

Membership in the Ignatian Residential College includes participation in the following elements of the Program

Academic Courses Each semester students take a special Ignatian course from a variety of disciplines designed to incorporate the notion of personal meaning. These courses fulfill University core requirements.

Ignatian Seminars We have an academic seminar each semester to create a shared, contextual Ignatian foundation for students to consider their lived experiences and questions.

Mentor Program Small groups of residents meet once a month with a mentor - a university alumnus, friend, faculty or staff member - to discuss and reflect on the important questions of our lives.

Overnight Retreats In the fall and in the spring the entire College travels to a beautiful location off-campus to reflect on the College's themes, to have fun, and to build community.

Orientation and Reorientation The community gathers at the beginning of each semester to learn about the program, the goals for the year and the abundant opportunities offered.

Weekly Dinner Events Each week, we offer informal meals for students to hear how invited professionals incorporate their work into the meaning of their lives.

The Ignatian Residential College
Fairfield University
Loyola 140
1073 North Benson Road
Fairfield, CT 06824-5195
Tel (203) 254-4000, ext. 3325

Facilities in the Community of the Ignatian Residential College

irc_commonsLoyola Hall
The Ignatian Residential College is located in Loyola Hall. Built in 1955, it honors St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus and author of the "Spiritual Exercises." Loyola Hall houses the Ignatian Residential College Office, the Ignatian College Commons, the Ignatian College Classroom, a study lounge and several small meeting rooms.

The Ignatian Residential College Office
The Ignatian Residential College Office is located inside the Ignatian Commons on the first floor. Office hours are Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. The office extension is 3325.

The Ignatian College Commons
The Ignatian College Commons area located on the first floor is open daily from 8:30 a.m. until midnight. The Commons is not a study area but a place to gather, socialize and for programs. The Ignatian Commons has been designed to create community and build up the common good for residents of the Ignatian Residential College.

The Ignatian College Classroom
The Ignatian College Classroom is located on the second floor of Loyola Hall. The classroom is used for Ignatian College courses.