Campus Employment for F-1 Students

oae_student_teacher10As an F-1 international student you are allowed to work on campus. You are employable by any office of Fairfield University, faculty, or staff. Keep in mind that you may also seek employment with Sodexho (campus dining service), as long as you work on the Fairfield University campus. You may only work part-time on campus. Part-time is defined as 20 hours or less. You are not allowed payment for any work exceeding 20 hours.

Some of the places on campus seeking to hire international students are:
Recreation Complex - Ext. 4140
Sodexho - Ext. 2581
Quick Center for the Arts - Ext. 4010
Language Department (Oral Practice Session)
Library - Ext. 2188
Bookstore - Ext. 4262

Once hired, the office where you will be working needs to give you an Employment Offer Letter. You need to make an appointment at the Office of Student Engagement and present this letter. The Office of International Students will provide you with On-Campus Work Permit.

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