Alumni & Family Weekend

Save the date for Alumni & Family Weekend 2014
October 24-26

Alumni & Family Weekend is a Fairfield tradition that offers a variety of fun activities and special events for students, alumni, and families alike!

Highlights of the weekend included:

  • Alumni and Family WeekendA conversation and discussion with Rev. Jeffrey P. von Arx, S.J., President of Fairfield University
  • A tasty sampling of students' favorite local restaurants at Taste of Fairfield
  • Exciting athletic events and competitions
  • Dedication of the men's and women's basketball locker rooms
  • A reception for student leaders and alumni student leaders
  • The Alumni & Family Weekend Mass Celebration
  • A traditional Sunday brunch served in the Main Dining Room
  • The ever-popular Fairfield University Glee Club concert


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to pay for my student to attend the events?
A. The only event that you need to pay for, for your student, is the Taste of Fairfield event. Your student can get into all other events just by showing their StagCard.

Q. Are grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins (etc.) invited to come?
A. Yes, anyone can come for the weekend. Registration fee for anyone over the age of 10 is $25, anyone under the age of 10 is free of charge.

Q. Does the Taste of Fairfield meal ticket allow me to taste all the restaurants that are there?
A. No, each meal ticket allows you one meal from one vendor. You can purchase more meal tickets at the event.

Q. Does my son or daughter (Fairfield student) get a ticket for the Taste of Fairfield?
A. No, you will need to purchase Taste of Fairfield tickets for them during that event.

Q. What do children under age 10 get in their package?
A. They get everything the adult gets except they get a children's meal ticket for the Sunday Brunch.

If you have any questions, please call (203) 254-4000, ext. 2376 for assistance.