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Our mission at Fairfield @ Night is to provide a variety of consistent, student generated, late-night social activities for all students. Fairfield @ Night's events are free of charge and aim to engage students from 10  p.m. to 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights. Our events are fun, upbeat, diverse, and exciting and give students the opportunity to meet new friends and hang with old ones! 

Because we know we cannot do it all on our own, we offer mini-grants to campus clubs, organizations, or groups of students in need of additional funding to host a late night event.

The Fairfield @ Night initiative supports the development and funding of approved events, while also providing guidance in the planning process and increased student engagement opportunities.

Meet the Leadership Team

The Fairfield @ Night Event Managers consists of the following students:

  • Victoria Ready '14 - Event Manager
  • Vanessa Salvaggio '16 – Marketing Assistant
  • Michaela Crossen '14 - Event Manager
  • Melissa Ambrosini '16 - Event Manager
  • Tracy Michelle Leon '16- Event Manager
  • Connor Goz '17 - Event Manager

F@N also includes a team of amazing event staff members:

  • Ryan Connaughton '17
  • Matis Cordero '17
  • Alyssa Ciccarone '16
  • Daniel Delgado '17
  • Maria Eklund '17
  • Brian Fusco '17
  • Erin Gallagher '17
  • Michael Giuliana '17
  • Katharine Gonsalves '15
  • Kat Larose '16
  • Standy Merizier '16
  • Heather Mooney '16
  • Robert Padilla '17
  • Andres Peschiera '14
  • Everett Reed '17
  • Christina Ricci '15
  • Matt Robinson '15
  • Teon Smith '17
  • Thechena Theodore '17

Interested in joining the F@N Team?

We are currently accepting applications for Fall 2014!

Apply here!

South Side Cafe

South Side Cafe is a café that comes alive when the 42 Bellarmine Common Space is converted into a cozy, private, chill, and fun café on Saturday nights during the semester. There is funky antique furniture, yogibo bean bag chairs, comfortable throw pillows, thrifty lamps and area rugs. Student artwork fills the walls in a place where students can hang out with friends, listen to music and take part in a variety of activities.

When it comes to food, students can order from a fixed menu that is prepared to order by our chef and delivered by our South Side Café staff. Coffee, tea, and other beverages are provided throughout the night!

Check out our Facebook page: Fairfield at Night or our website fairfieldatnight.com for pictures of this awesome space!

Along with weekly F@N Event Staff, South Side Café is run by this South Side Team:

Eric Lynch '14 - Lead Program Strategist
Sherice Reid '16 - Program Strategist
Adrian Perkowski '16 - Program Strategist
Nicole Fede '16 - Program Strategist

Fairfield Flicks

Every Friday and Saturday night F@N screens movies for our students in Gonzaga Auditorium at 10pm! This recently renovated theatre is the perfect place to watch one of the newly released films or one of your classic favorites!

To see a list of upcoming show times and titles visit Fairfield Flicks!  


University-recognized organizations and departments can apply for grants to assist with events that fit the criteria of Fairfield @ Night programming. To apply for a Mini-Grant please fill out the application.

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