President's Institutional Diversity Council

The Diversity Council was appointed by President Jeffrey von Arx, S.J. in 2005. The Council was organized to evaluate, review, and assess the institution's progress as it strengthens its multicultural education curricula and human diversity foundation and goals. The Council membership is drawn from all sectors of the University community. Each year President von Arx charges the Council with a topic to carefully consider and then submit recommendations and suggestions.

Statement of Charge

The Council's charge is to research and examine the University's recruitment strategies and make recommendations to improve those strategies in order to achieve a critical mass of faculty, staff and students from diverse backgrounds at Fairfield University. In executing its charge, the Council will assess recent and current strategies used to increase diverse populations, while also considering the economic challenges, as well as develop future recommendations for university strategies and practices.

2014 Membership

  • Amy Boczer, Director of Institutional Research - 1st year
  • Marian Boyns, Graduate Student- 2nd year
  • Janet Canepa, Director of Alumni Relations – 3rd year
  • Joe DeFeo, Joseph DeFeo, Director of Associate Dean of Students and Director of Student Mission & Identity -1st year  (till May 2014)
  • Maria Curesky, Operations Assistant, Human Resources – 3rd year
  • Mark Guglielmoni, Director of Human Resources - ex officio
  • Rev. Paul Holland, S.J., Rector of the Jesuit Community – 5th  year
  • Dr. Virginia Kelly, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education & Allied Professions – 3rd year
  • Kamala Kiem, Assistant Dean of Students/Director of Student Programs and Leadership Development - co-chair- 2nd year
  • Nakia LeTang, Associate Director of Admission – 2nd year
  • Dr. Danke Li, Associate Professor, College of Arts and Sciences – 3rd year (till May 2014)
  • Christina McGowan, Assistant University Librarian – 3rd year
  • David Sapp, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs – 2nd year (till May 2014)
  • Christine Siegel, Associate Vice President for Academic Affair – Co-Chair - 1st year
  • Chrystie Cruz, Assistant Director, Student Diversity Programs– 1st year
  • Nicole O'Brien, Interim Program Director/Assistant Professor of Marriage & Family Therapy – 1st year
  • Ophelia Rowe Allen, Director of Residence Life– 1st year
  • Tracy Leon, Undergraduate Student– 1st year (till May 2014)
  • Guadalope Ramirez, Undergraduate Student– 2nd year
  • Claretta Mills, Undergraduate Student– 1st year (till May 2014
  • Fr. Bret Stockdale, S.J. - Campus Minister – 1st year
  • Sarfirah FequiereUndergraduate Student – 1st year
  • JiaJun (Keith) GaoGraduate Student – 1st Year
  • Kerry Lusebrink – Program Coordinator, Disability Support Services – 1st Year

*All members (except students and ex officio) will serve three-year terms unless otherwise stated

PIDC Annual Reports

2006 | 2007 | 2007-08 | 2008-09 | 2009-10 | 2010-11 | 2011-12 | 2012-13

Faculty, Students, and Diversity Report (2010) (For faculty and staff; you must be on-campus to access)