Global Citizenship

Fairfield University's mandate is to prepare all members of its community to reflect humbly on our privileges, to use creative means to connect with others, to seek experiences that allow for the application and expansion of knowledge gained in the classroom, and to recognize the value inherent in striving to transform society for the greater good. In order to connect the individual to the collective, to identify social injustice, and to define the tools necessary to redress it, Fairfield has begun to explicitly orient itself toward a global vision - the education and formation of global citizens.

about_il_reading_globeAs a Jesuit institution, Fairfield University's adherence to Ignatian spirituality and pedagogy involves developing a vision of the world that is holistic and balances intellectual, emotional, and spiritual understandings and responses. By drawing on all of these rich resources, one seeks the essential value in everything and cultivates a passion for justice. Arguably the first step in this process is having the ability to recognize the humanity in all people and cultures. It is essential to seek a common humanity if one is to commit to social justice through service to and with others. Thus, Fairfield's mission is to produce students whose academic, cultural, and aesthetic acumen equips them to recognize the value of others - those both similar to and different from themselves - and the importance of community building. As lifelong learners who are "morally and socially responsible," Fairfield graduates should be capable of navigating a wide variety of unfamiliar social situations, both domestic and international.

Fairfield University is at an exciting juncture concerning global education and social justice. As the University strategic plan makes clear, Fairfield is integrating the vision of globalization at every level of the institution and is undertaking new and exciting initiatives to satisfy all of the goals in the strategic plan in order to reflect and share this vision of global social justice.

Core Pathways: Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship is also one of six core pathways underlying Fairfield's core curriculum. Learn more 

Events Focus 2010-12: Global Citizenship

During 2010-12, Fairfield adopted its first singular area of focus as Global Citizenship. Learn more 

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