Student Health Insurance Plan

Fairfield University requires all full-time undergraduate students to subscribe to a health insurance policy. Full-time undergraduate students are automatically enrolled and billed $1,483 for the University-sponsored plan administered by Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk. Students who have comparable or better coverage and do not wish to be enrolled in the University-sponsored plan must complete an online waiver to provide proof of coverage. Once the online waiver is completed, students will receive a full credit on their bill. Graduate and part-time students may enroll on a voluntary basis.

The deadline for waiving/declining the insurance is August 1, 2014. If the online waiver is not completed by this deadline, students will remain enrolled in, and billed for, the Student Health Insurance Plan for the entire policy year.

For a complete description of the Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk plan, including a description of the available benefits, limitations, and exclusions, please visit

If currently insured, students can waive enrollment. Not all plans provide comparable coverage including out-of-state Medicaid plans, certain HMOs, and managed care plans. Students should check with their insurance company before waiving coverage.

How to Waive

To waive the insurance coverage for 2014-15, students should have their insurance card handy and:

Log on to my.fairfield (

  • Click on the 'Student' pull-down menu and click the 'Personal Information' link
  • From the Quick Links section on the left, click the 'Student Health Insurance Waiver' link, and complete the form (the fields in red are required)
  • Click the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the screen

Here are just a few benefits of enrolling in the Fairfield University Student Injury & Sickness Insurance Plan:

  • An unlimited policy year maximum
  • Low annual deductibles: $100 In-network and $200 Out-of-network
  • Coverage at 80% In-network and 60% Out-of -Network
  • In-network Physician Office visits covered at 100% after a $25 copay
  • Preventive care services with no deductibles, copays, or coinsurance (In-network only)
  • The ability to locate providers whether at home, school, or throughout the country through the Aetna PPO Network
  • Prescription drug coverage with low copays
  • Coordination with the on-campus Student Health Center
  • Pediatric Dental and Vision coverage up to age 19
  • Worldwide Coverage including Medical Evacuation, Repatriation and Travel Assistance Services
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage
  • Wellness discounts including Vision and Dental

Questions? Contact Gallagher Student at 1-800-397-2874, visit the website at or e-mail at