Medical Services

Allergy Injection Clinic

General Medical Visits: The Student Health Center staff evaluates and treats ill and injured students. Some examples of illnesses managed at the Student Health Center include (but are not limited to): respiratory infections, conjunctivitis ("pink eye"), strep throat/tonsillitis, urinary tract infections, asthma exacerbations, sexually transmitted infections, and skin conditions. Students with general health concerns or questions are welcome to come in for a consultation.

Women's Health Clinic: Dr. Joanna Wynne is available by appointment Tuesdays and Thursdays between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Please call for an appointment or with any questions.

On-Site Laboratory Testing and Pharmacy Services: The Student Health Center has a limited on-site lab for diagnostic testing (e.g., rapid strep testing, urinalysis). We also have a limited pharmacy. If indicated, our nurse practitioners and physician will prescribe medications. Some commonly prescribed medications are available on-site (e.g., antibiotics, albuterol inhalers, antibiotic eye drops). Certain lab and pharmacy services do require a small charge. This fee may be paid by cash, charge to tuition, or charge to the student’s StagBucks account. Students who wish to use their health insurance prescription plan may fill their prescription at a local pharmacy.

Community Providers: As part of a treatment plan, the Student Health Center clinician may recommend a consultation with a medical specialist or diagnostic testing (such as lab work or diagnostic imaging).  The Student Health Center staff offers students assistance with co-ordination of care.

Immunizations and Tuberculosis Testing: The Student Heath Center is able to administer certain vaccines. We also offer on-site tuberculosis testing. Modest fees are charged. Influenza vaccine clinics are held yearly.

Sexually Transmitted Infection Testing: Testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections is available at the Student Health Center. We partner with our local Health Department to facilitate HIV testing and counseling.

Transportation:Students with medical emergencies are transported to a local hospital by ambulance.  The Student Health Center does employ drivers to transport students with non-emergent health needs to community Health Care Provider appointments arranged by the Student Health Center staff. This service is available on a limited schedule.  Additionally, the University shuttle does provide access to local pharmacies and certain community Health Care Provider offices.

Class Attendance
The Student Health Center often receives inquiries about class attendance issues. Below is information available in the University Student Handbook and the Class Attendance policy.

Class Attendance Policy

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