Congratulations to the Class of 1964,
who celebrated their 50th Reunion this May!

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50th Reunion Class of 1964
The Class of 1964 and their spouses celebrated their Reunion in May, where 31 members of the class processed with the Class of 2014 at Commencement. The weekend included a special lunch with the president, where they were inducted into the Golden Stags; a  tour of campus; and special recognition at the Baccalareate Mass.

Three members of the class, Daniel Skuret, Albert Lojko, and John Farrell are the proud grandfathers of graduates of the class of 2014, who graduated over the weekend. It was a milestone occasion for them all.


Class of 1965: Save the Date for your 50th Reunion - May 15-17, 2015!


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