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The Initiative

At Fairfield University, the care of the whole person, cura personalis , is deeply rooted in our Jesuit mission. Fairfield University offers a variety of programs and facilities that help build healthy lifestyles for our faculty, staff and students. Tobacco-Free campuses are becoming popular around the country, with over 1500 college campuses participating in this initiative.

Through the support and involvement of the faculty, staff, and student representatives from FUSA, the Wellness Committee, the Egan School of Nursing, and the Office of Human Resources, Fairfield is pleased to announce that it will be transitioning to a tobacco free environment over the next 18 months. In recent years, many community stakeholders among the faculty, staff and the student body have expressed support for a tobacco free campus, and have worked tirelessly toward this goal.

The American College Health Association (ACHA) has a No Tobacco Use Policy and encourages colleges and universities to achieve a 100% indoor and outdoor campus-wide tobacco-free environment. Fairfield University supports this mission and will take steps to foster a healthy environment and promote awareness of health risks associated with tobacco. The University will also promote prevention and health and counseling services including medication options on campus for students and community members to quit smoking. The ACHA found that over the past few years’ tobacco-free environments have reduced the number of people who smoke, the amount of tobacco consumed and harmful exposure to tobacco products.

Designated Smoking Areas

Beginning on March 20, 2017, the use of tobacco and tobacco products (including cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, and electronic cigarettes) will be limited to use in pre-determined “Designated Smoking Areas”. These will be located in the following areas: DiMenna–Nyselius Library, Townhouses, Quick Center for the Arts, Barone Campus Center, Kelley Center, Levee, Charles F. Dolan School of Business, Dolan Commons, The Quad, and The Village. Designated Smoking Areas will be identified by appropriate signage, disposal units and will be limited to the surrounding 15 ft. radius around the smoking receptacle. Designated Smoking Area Map


Need assistance or support to quit smoking? Contact the Student Health Center at ext. 2241 or utilize the resources below:

Organization Resource to Consider Contact Information
American Cancer Society Quit for Life app. Free to download. 1-800-ACS-2345
Connecticut Quitline Coaching sessions over the telephone or online. 1-800-QUIT-NOW
Westport/Weston Health District Individual smoking cessation counseling 1-203-227-9571 ext. 242
Monica Wheeler
St. Vincent’s SmokeStoppers Group smoking cessation class 1-203-576-5451

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