Fairfield University Media Center

The Media Center is about capturing beauty and truth as seen through a diverse set of eyes.

It's about giving support to students and faculty in their efforts to learn and to teach.

And it's about producing things that communicate and inspire. Some of these projects can be viewed in the Media Center Portfolio.

Workshops for video and graphical software applications, as well as hands on technical training are available  for students, faculty and staff.  Here are the Media Center and RCADE Calendars.

Above all, the Media Center is about participating in the Jesuit mission of educating to empower and motivating to serve. We do all this through the collaborative efforts of three groups: the Support, the Production and the Academic Groups.


Media Support Group

AMES (Academic Media Equipment Services) provides media class-room design, as well as equipment loans, deliveries and set-ups. Media Support also provides satellite uplinks and downlinks as well as helps with presentations, including data and video projection and sound/speaker support during an event. Read more.


Media Production Group

An experienced, award-winning staff produces video, audio and web-based programming as well as digital graphics for major presentations. Facilities like our two television studios, 30 digital editing systems, a sound studio and a mobile uplink production truck provide a rich environment where professional products are turned out. Read more.


Academic Group

Home to the Film, Television & Media Arts major, this is where students learn the art of film, television and media production. Our labs, studios, classrooms, editing suites and production equipment all serve the program. Read more.

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