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Reservation Overview


The primary purpose of venue usage at Fairfield University is to serve the University's academic and operational events. Venues are inclusive of but not limited to: classrooms, meeting rooms, auditoriums, outdoor areas, banquet facilities, residence halls, and common spaces.

Events are scheduled in keeping with the University's mission as a Jesuit coeducational institution of higher learning focused on the creative intellectual potential of its students and fostering a sense of social responsibility. The primary focus of events at Fairfield University is directed toward its students, faculty, and staff. Fairfield University requires reimbursement for all direct costs incurred for venue use. Direct expenses include, but are not limited to, set-up/break-down expenses, costs incurred as a result of occupancy beyond regular hours, audio-visual requirements, custodial, personnel required to service an event, special equipment, Public Safety, parking, and technical support.

Use of Facilities

The use of University venues for scheduled academic instructional and research purposes, and athletic events and practices take precedence over all other uses of such space.

University organizations, departments, or individuals are not permitted to negotiate the use of University facilities or services with external organizations except in coordination with the Office of Conference and Event Management.

Faculty And Staff Reservations

Faculty and staff may reserve University facilities for their department or an affiliated, University co-sponsored event. Note: Academic classes are scheduled and reserved through the Registrar’s Office.

University Department Events

Any recognized University department or committee may reserve space for meetings, conferences, and events. Events in this designation are conceived, created, and operated by the hosting department or committee, and paid for by a Fairfield University operating budget. They are no rental fees for University departments, but are responsible for all other event-related expenses—such as department-sponsored meetings, conferences, and events.

University Co-Sponsored or Affiliated Events

University venues are available for discounted rental fees to non-University organizations with a recognized relationship with the University or with a University department—but not an individual employee.
Examples of Co-Sponsored/Affiliated events include academic programs, conferences, retreats, and/or meetings involving two entities: a Fairfield University entity (academic department, administrative unit, approved student organization) and an outside organization, such as a professional association in which the University holds membership or maintains a relationship that directly benefits the University community or community-based organization.

Please visit the Sponsorship Guidelines page for specific criteria about the Co-Sponsored/Affiliated designation.

The co-sponsoring University department is considered the primary host of the event.

In general, co-sponsored events involve a contractual arrangement with the University. The partnering outside organization must sign a Facility Usage Agreement with the Office of Conference and Event Management outlining the terms of use and provide proof of liability insurance as outlined in the terms of that agreement.

All direct, non-rental, fees are the responsibility of the user. Additional fees may include catering, security, staff overtime, and special event-related costs.

To reserve a space for a department or co-sponsored/affiliated event,
contact the Office of Conference & Event Management,
BCC Room 212 by emailing Jan Buswell, Operations Assistant, at, or call 203-254-4000, ext. 2377

Student Reservations

Any registered Fairfield University student organization that has completed all requirements for recognition by the Council of Student Organizations (COSO) may reserve space for meetings, events, or conferences.


Events in this category are exempt from event-related rental fees, but are subject to direct event expenses, including work orders, catering, security, staff overtime, or special equipment-related costs.

To reserve a space for a student club or organization event, contact the Office of Conference & Event Management, BCC Room 212 by emailing Jan Buswell at or call 203-254-4000, ext. 2377.

Getting Your Event onto the Calendar

After you’ve reserved your event, you’ll want to add the event to OrgSync, the University’s online portal and event calendar. A EMS (Event Management System) reservation number will be necessary to do this. This number will be provided along with the event reservation confirmation to the student in charge of the event.

For more information about internal and external use of Fairfield University facilities, please visit the Sponsorship Guidelines page.

General Reservations

To submit a request to host an event at Fairfield University or to request more information, please fill out the Event Request Form. Once submitted, someone from the Office of Conference & Event Management will be in touch to discuss pricing, availability, and event logistics.


Once your event or conference confirmation is sent to you, we’re available to answer any questions you may have about policies or procedures. Common inquiries include:

  • Type of set-ups available for the reserved space
  • Audio-visual information, such as equipment and support available within the reserved facility
  • Parking information, including rates and locations for guest parking
  • Catering and food service information, including menus and policies
  • Public Safety or Facilities Management personnel requirements
  • Applications for alcohol permits and policies (if applicable)
  • Applications for insurance coverage (if applicable)
  • Estimated charges, and/or advice on budget preparation for the event
  • Transportation - Visit the main page for information about reserving transportation to and from campus for an event.

A contractual arrangement is required for all external hosts, which will include costs facility rental, catering, security, staff overtime, special event-related costs, and administrative fees. The University requires proof of general liability insurance a minimum of 10 business days prior to the event. If alcoholic beverages are to be served, an additional liquor liability policy will be required.

Special rates for venue rental only are available for non-profit organizations. Sponsors must show proof of not-for-profit status when booking the event.

Please visit the Sponsorship Guidelines page for more specific information.

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