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International Graduate & Continuing Studies Billing & Payment Information

International Full-Time Graduate (MA/ MS/ MBA/ DNP) and Continuing Studies:

Tuition and fees can be found online here

Payment of University tuition, health insurance, and any other applicable fees is due August 15 for the Fall semester and January 1 for the Spring semester.

Payment can be made via  Holidays and other celebrations may delay processing of international payment therefore, it is recommended that students initiate their payment at least 10 business days before the payment deadline to ensure timely processing.  Incoming payments must be limited to the cost of University tuition, fees, and health insurance charged to the student account for the current semester.  Any excess funds will be held on the student account toward the following semester charges.

Banks may require a statement from the University confirming the use of Flywire for wire payments.  Please click here for the letter.

For Fall and Spring semesters, full time Graduate students may utilize a monthly payment plan for tuition and fees (not including health insurance). There is a processing fee for the payment plan.  If you choose to utilize the monthly payment plan, the first installment is due at registration.  This first installment must include 33% of tuition plus 100 % of all fees and 100% of health insurance.

For the Summer semester, payment is due at registration and there is no monthly payment plan option. 

Bursar Contact Information
Phone: 203-254-4000  ext.’s 4102, 2410, 4191 or 2165  


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