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The Fairfield Fund

Rarely does generosity have such an immediate impact on the lives of others than through annual gifts to the Fairfield Fund. Why? Because these unrestricted gifts provide flexibility through the immediate availability of resources to be directed where they are most urgently needed. Ensuring day-to-day operations are funded and special initiatives and programs are strengthened, means that we can spend more time focusing on the future, continuing to be a University that inspires young men and women to follow their dreams and succeed in the world.

Athletic Gifts

The sound of a starter’s pistol on a bright, fall day in 1948 not only started a cross country race but also began a journey. For 70 years, Fairfield Athletics has provided young men and women the opportunity to fully live their Jesuit education. Our Athletics programs continue to grow and excel, and yet we know we have further to go. A successful athletics program serves as a powerful source of pride for alumni and current students, binding generations together. They are also a significant factor in enrollment — young men and women with many choices want to be part of an institution that excels and they enjoy being part of a winning tradition. At Fairfield, our goals for the future include raising our stature as a Division 1A Athletics university, and we need you to reach that goal.

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