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Teacher Internship Programs

Earn up to $15,000 per year Towards Tuition

The School of Education and Human Development offers teaching internships for both non-certified and certified teachers studying for a master's degree or sixth year certificate of advanced study at Fairfield.

Mindy who is in a Graduate Education Internship

The internship gives you a year of full-time, hands-on experience in a public school setting and up to $15,000 (per year) towards your studies, while offering local schools additional competent staff members and potential future employees.

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Learn more about Mindy Khamvongsa ’16, MA’17 and the value of her teaching internship experience.

The Internship For Non-Certified Teachers

If you're a prospective teacher, this program provides an opportunity to do field work in your future profession while pursuing a master's degree or a sixth year certificate of advanced study and a concurrent program leading to state certification. It is available to graduate students in several certification programs.

Duties are similar to those of certified teachers in the internship program:

  • Substituting
  • Small group and individual instruction
  • Assisting in the classroom

In the elementary school setting, you may be assigned to a mentor teacher in order to gain exposure to an exemplary professional.

In addition to your internship, you'll take courses toward your advanced degree and teacher certification. If a course requires field work, the internship experience may be used to meet that requirement if the course instructor approves.

Interns attend a one-credit weekly seminar on issues of professional development. The internship does not substitute for the state-required student teaching experience, and student teaching cannot be done at the same time as the internship unless it is in the second year of the internship. Internships for graduate students emerging from the Five Year Integrated Bachelors-Masters degree and certification program will include student teaching.

The Internship For Certified Teachers

If you're a novice teacher or are considering re-entry into the profession, this program gives you a year's experience in a public school while pursuing either a master's degree or a sixth year certificate of advanced study.

During the internship year, you'll assume a variety of responsibilities that vary according to your placement. Generally, the principal of the school determines the intern's responsibilities, but they often include:

  • Substituting
  • Small group instruction
  • Individual instruction
  • Assisting in a classroom

As an intern, you'll become a member of the school community and attend meetings, professional growth activities, and other functions. Each semester, you'll attend a weekly one-credit seminar focused on issues pertinent to your internship experience.


In addition to providing valuable work experience, the school district deposits up to $15,000 (per year) with Fairfield University for you. You may draw upon these banked funds for courses taken at Fairfield. The funds received help to defray a major portion of the tuition costs for the degree.

The internship program benefits both you and the school district in many other ways. You receive valuable real-world experience and a chance to demonstrate your capabilities. School districts receive well-trained staff members and a chance to observe potential job candidates performing their duties for an entire school year.

The internship may be extended for a second year which generates up to an additional $15,000 and may include student teaching as part of the internship experience.


For more information or an application, contact Laura Whitacre, Assistant Dean. Specify whether you are interested in the internship for non-certified or certified teachers.

All applications for the internship program are reviewed on a rolling basis. You must be formally admitted to a master's degree program to be eligible.

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