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Health Professions Program

Students interested in a career in the health professions become part of a careful mentoring and advising process beginning in the first year (or whenever they decide to pursue a health professions career). You'll receive specific advice on how to best prepare yourself to become a strong applicant for admission to a health professions school. Each semester, in addition to regular program meetings with all other pre-health students, you'll meet one-on-one with the program advisor. Those strategy sessions will help you determine how to best to plan and carry out all of the components of building your application packet for graduate programs.

Pre-Health Post-Baccalaureate Program

Fairfield University’s Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Health (PBPH) Program helps college graduates become qualified to apply to medical school. The program is specifically designed for applicants that have already earned an undergraduate degree in any discipline, but have not yet taken the many science and math courses required to qualify for medical school admission.

Pre-Law Program

‌The challenge of a profession that has both an intellectual basis and a practical, real-world impact has been extraordinarily appealing to alumni of Fairfield University. Hundreds of men and women are enjoying challenging careers as judges, legal administrators, and lawyers specializing in:

  • Criminal justice
  • Corporate law
  • Environmental law
  • Other subfields of the legal profession

Your education at Fairfield in pre-law will prepare you to think logically, critically, and analytically, and to write and speak clearly and persuasively, while giving you the broad background of learning that is crucial to a lawyer's practice. The growing prestige of Fairfield University can be seen in the large numbers of Fairfield alumni who are accepted to the top law schools in the United States and who graduate from those schools with the highest honors. As a pre-law student at Fairfield, majoring in any field of study you wish, you will get the full benefit of the University's experience in educating for a career in the law.

Inter-Institutional Courses

Under a reciprocal agreement, full-time students at the Fairfield University and Sacred Heart University may take certain courses at either institution without payment of any additional fees other than those paid the matriculating institution, providing:

  1. The course is not currently offered by Fairfield University.
  2. It is on an approved list indicating its availability to Fairfield University students.
  3. The student has prior permission from his or her Dean to take the course.
  4. Tuition commitments have been met in full at Fairfield University.
  5. Students observe all regulations of the host institution.

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