Sports Leadership and Management

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Program Overview

The Sports Leadership and Management minor provides students with foundational business skills that facilitate their interest in careers in the sports management industry. The minor is also applicable to students interested in careers with corporations who have partnerships and client relations with sports organizations. The minor capitalizes on one of the very strong and differentiating core competencies of the Department of Management: leadership.

Consistent with the University’s mission, the department emphasizes leadership that is ethics-based. Leadership in the Department of Management also recognizes and incorporates the critical aspects of global diversity in all industries. Additionally, it accommodates an important intersection in the department between managing in sports organizations of all sizes, human resources management, business and society, and entrepreneurship.

The sports industry is competitive, and for students to succeed, it is necessary to network and build relationships while pursuing an undergraduate education. To this end, the program seeks to maximize student contact with industry professionals both in the classroom and through internships, and enhance their understanding of the business of sport through rigorous academic preparation. To assist students in this essential process, the Dolan School of Business has a full-time Director of Internships who will facilitate new opportunities in this area.

Course Offerings

Sports Management
Leading and Managing People
Choose three (3) of the following:
Managing Human Resources for Competitive Advantage
Negotiation and Dispute Resolution
Performance, Compensation, and Reward
Sports Marketing
Economics of Sports
Sports Broadcasting
Sports, Media, and Culture

Students must take at least one elective outside of the Department of Management. Management majors may not double-count Management courses for any of the three electives. MG 240 does double-count as a required course for both the Management major and the Sports Leadership and Management minor.


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