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‌Welcome to the Egan School of Nursing and Health Studies Student Nurses Association (SNA) website at Fairfield University. The Student Nurses Association is a very active group on campus that provides an opportunity for nursing students to participate in a professional organization. Each semester SNA holds monthly general meetings for all students in the Egan School. Topics for discussion are selected based on student suggestions. Some of the most popular meetings include study abroad and summer externships. Speakers include alumni of Fairfield's nursing program, experts in specialty nursing groups, and nationally recognized nurse leaders.

SNA works closely to ensure each nursing student transitions into the rigorous program seamlessly with our extensive mentorship program. Junior and senior classmates are partnered with first-year and sophomore classmates to provide support throughout the four years of college. This mentorship continues throughout the entire school year.

Community service is a key component of the Student Nurses Association. Students work closely with local children's centers, mission volunteers, convalescent centers, and local churches to provide health education programs and charitable contributions.

Fundraising is an important and ongoing activity for the SNA. Some fundraising activities include selling professional equipment to nursing students such as stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs, as well as Fairfield nursing clothing including T-shirts and sweatshirts. Profits from these fundraising events are used to help fund community projects and support student attendance at professional conferences.

Membership in the National Student Nurses Association is highly encouraged. Students can apply for membership to the Student Nurses Association anytime during the academic year. The annual membership is $5.00. Each year, at least two Egan School students attended the National Student Nurses Association Annual meeting/convention. Feel free to explore more national opportunities with this professional organization at

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