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At Fairfield, we pride ourselves on the excellence of our programs and faculty. Faculty members are experts in the field, and work diligently to provide a simulation-focused approach to their teaching. Faculty advisors work closely with students to provide academic advice, individualized attention, and career planning. Small classes are a key component to the program, simulating clinical practice to give students a real-world sense of life in the industry.

Robert E. Wall Award

The Robert E. Wall Faculty Award Program, initiated during Spring 1994, is to foster faculty scholarly research or artistic creativity at Fairfield and, second, to celebrate the outcome of these efforts within the University community. All tenured faculty are invited to submit a research proposal for consideration by the Provost, the Deans of the Schools and College and the Chair of the faculty research Committee. The awardee is granted a semester long sabbatical to pursue the research project.

Award Recipients

Ben Fine, PhD, Professor of Mathematics
Nick Rinaldi, PhD, Professor of English
Gregory Koutmos, PhD, Professor of Finance
Nancy Haegel, PhD, Associate Professor of Physics
Matt Coleman, PhD, Professor of Mathematics
Diane Brousseau, PhD, Professor of Biology
John Thiel, PhD, Professor of Religious Studies
Ed Deak, PhD, Professor of Economics
Katherine Schwab, PhD, Professor of Art History
Ronald M. Davidson, PhD, Professor of Religious Studies
Stephen Sawin, PhD, Professor of Mathematics
Anna Martin, PhD, Associate Professor of Finance
Dennis Keenan, PhD, Professor of Philosophy
Kim Bridgford, PhD, Professor of English
Nick Laopodis, PhD, Associate Professor of Finance
Joy Gordon, PhD, Professor of Philosophy
Donald Gibson, PhD, Professor of Management
Jo Yarrington, PhD, Professor of Studio Art
Brian Walker, PhD, Professor of Biology
Giovanni Ruffini, PhD, Professor of History
David Crawford, PhD, Professor of Sociology & Anthropology
Paul Lakeland, PhD, Professor of Religious Studies
Mark Demers, PhD, Professor of Mathematics
Terry-Ann Jones, PhD, Associate Professor of Sociology & Anthropology
Kris Sealey, PhD, Associate Professor of Philosophy
Sonya Huber, MA, MFA, Professor of English
Sriharsha Sundarram, PhD, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
William Vasquez, PhD, Professor of Economics

Gerald Corrigan Chair

The E. Gerald Corrigan Chair, initiated in 2007, was developed to mark Fairfield University’s commitment to continued engagement with the larger community. Kurt C. Schlichting, PhD, professor of sociology and anthropology, was installed as the first E. Gerald Corrigan Chair in the Humanities and Social Sciences at Fairfield University. Emily Orlando, PhD, Professor of English, currently serves as the E. Corrigan Chair in Humanities and Social Science.

Elizabeth DeCamp McInerny Chair in the Health Sciences

The Elizabeth DeCamp McInerny Chair in the Health Sciences, initiated in 1979, supports faculty research and faculty mentored student research in health-related sciences. Margaret McClure, PhD, professor of Psychology, currently serves as the McInerny Chair.

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