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Welcome, Transfer Students!

Welcome to Fairfield University! We are excited that you are part of our incoming transfer student cohort and can’t wait to have you join the Fairfield University community this semester! To prepare for your upcoming first year as a Fairfield student, the Office of Student Engagement is pleased to share with you important action items, information, and resources that will assist with your transition.


Here are a few steps to get you started:

  • Claim your NetID at You will need to have your Fairfield ID number on-hand when registering for the NetID. After claiming your NetID, you will be able to access your University Gmail account through Be sure to check your Gmail account, the official form of communication from the University, regularly for important announcements!
  • Complete the Transfer Student Checklist. Please visit the Transfer Student Checklist at as soon as possible after claiming your NetID. Here, you will have access to all the tasks and forms you need to complete before coming to campus in the fall. These tasks include your Housing Application, Language Placement Exam, and more! It is important that you complete each task and adhere to the deadlines.
  • Schedule a meeting with your Academic Dean's Office. During this meeting, you will discuss your academic program, the credits you are transferring into Fairfield, and courses for the upcoming semester.
  • Become familiar with Fairfield resources. Check out the Stag Roadmap to learn more about all that Fairfield has to offer.


Once again, congratulations on your decision to join our Fairfield community. Please direct any questions to We look forward to seeing you soon!

Transfer Orientation, Move-In, And Next Steps

Transfer Student Checklist

This online checklist was created to help new-to-Fairfield students keep track of all the tasks and tutorials they need to complete before classes start in September. Some items and forms need to be completed ASAP, so it is essential that students login early and often to review and complete each task by their deadline. Students will be granted access to the checklist system within 48 hours of claiming their NetID.

Transfer Student Move-In and Orientation- Fall 2023

  • Transfer students living on-campus will move in during their assigned date/time identified by the Office of Residence Life. Students should be receiving their Fall 2023 housing assignment, roommate information, and move-in date/time the first week of August.
  • Visit for details about the Move-In process and suggestions about what to bring to campus.
  • Transfer Orientation will take place for all incoming transfer students (residential and commuter) on Monday, September 4. Additional details will be shared in early August.
  • If you are interested in participating in the full 4-day Fall Welcome program designed for first-year students, taking place September 1-4, 2023, please let us know by August 1 so that we can discuss options.

Transfer Student Experience

Throughout the summer, you will hear from a Transfer New Student Leader. Transfer New Student Leaders not only co-facilitate the Transfer Student Experience in the fall semester, but also will host two Zoom meetings this summer with important reminders and to start developing community amongst the Fall 2023 transfer cohort. Please note: The Transfer Student Experience seminar meets weekly for 50 minutes during the fall semester. All transfer students will be assigned to a section of Transfer Student Experience (FYEX 1012). Please do your best to avoid scheduling other classes during the Transfer Student Experience time.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will there be additional ongoing support for me as I transition to Fairfield University?

Absolutely! There are a multitude of on campus resources available to all of our matriculated students. Additionally as a transfer student you will also be registered for a Transfer First Year Experience course which meets regularly throughout your first semester and has both a professional staff member and current student serving as mentors. The goal of the First Year Experience program is to CONNECT students with each other, faculty, staff, and the University; to INSPIRE excellence during this transitionary period; and for students to THRIVE holistically as the acclimate to being a part of the Fairfield University Community. 

Does Fairfield University require any proof of immunizations?

Yes, the Fairfield University Heath Center requires that students submit a confidential health history to document proof of immunizations which are required by Connecticut state law. Additional information can be found at

I have paid my enrollment deposit and now I would like to register for classes. How do I go about doing this?

The first step prior to registering for classes is to contact your academic dean’s office to set up an initial meeting. If your semester has concluded, please be sure that you have had a final transcript sent to your dean’s office in advance of your conversation. At this meeting you will discuss any questions regarding your credit evaluation, and what classes you might want to consider taking during the upcoming semester. They will support you through the registration process. You can contact them at the telephone number listed in your letter of admission.

How many courses will I have to complete in order to graduate from Fairfield University?

In order to earn a bachelor’s degree, Fairfield University requires that you complete a minimum of 120 credits; sixty of those credits must be earned at Fairfield. You will discuss this further at your initial meeting with a representative of your academic dean’s office.

I see that certain courses have been accepted as “non-core” classes on my transfer credit evaluation but there is a note that you also need a syllabus. Why is that?

We sometimes ask for a syllabus even if a course has been accepted as an elective because we would like to evaluate the class for credit in your specific major or to evaluate if we may be able to transfer it to satisfy a core requirement. We encourage you to submit these syllabi via email to as soon as possible, ideally in advance of your meeting with your academic dean. Once syllabi are received, they can be reviewed by the appropriate department chair if necessary. If the syllabi are not submitted in advance of your advising meeting, please bring them with you to that conversation so that they can be taken into account when registering for the upcoming term.

I have courses under review on my preliminary credit evaluation. When will I know if those courses have been accepted for credit at Fairfield?

Once you enroll at Fairfield University, you will schedule a meeting with a representative of your academic dean’s office to receive academic advising and to register for classes. In advance of this meeting, please send the requested syllabi for the particular classes to This will allow our advisors and department chairs an opportunity to potentially review the additional information prior to your scheduled meeting. During your advising meeting, you will speak with an academic dean about these courses and discuss whether we will be able to accept them for credit at Fairfield University.

I received a 4 or a 5 on an AP Test while in high school, but I don’t see that reflected on my Preliminary Transcript Evaluation. What should I do about that?

If you have not yet done so, you should contact College Board directly and have them send an official score report to Fairfield University. You can then discuss your scores, and what classes they may count as, during your initial meeting with an academic dean.

When should I expect to hear from the Office of Financial Aid if I applied for need-based aid?

If you have already completed both the FAFSA and the CSS Profile, you should hear from the Office of Financial Aid within approximately two weeks of receiving your admission decision. If you have specific questions, you can always contact them directly at (203) 254-4125.

Who should I contact if I still have questions, but I’m not sure which department would be most applicable?

You should always feel comfortable contacting the Office of Student Engagement at (203) 254-4053 or at We’re happy to answer your questions, or point you in the right direction.

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