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Mission, Values, and Strategic Plan


The DiMenna-Nyselius Library empowers the members of our community in the development of their whole person, including their intellectual, psychological, spiritual, and professional exploration; their growth as critical thinkers; their endeavors as knowledge creators; and their quest for lifelong fulfillment.

We strive to:

  • Engage our community to develop their curiosity, creativity, and reasoning, and to explore new viewpoints;
  • Provide equitable access to collections and resources that are vital, relevant, and diverse;
  • Advance ideals of academic integrity, information literacy, and the ethical use of information;
  • Preserve University history and incorporate the many voices and stories that contribute to the development of our identity as an institution;
  • Cultivate inclusive and welcoming physical and digital spaces for focused study, collaboration, and community engagement;
  • Prepare our community to be socially responsible citizens who actively engage with the world beyond the University, as people for and with others.


Exceptional Service
We strive to proactively meet the needs of our community and put our users first by providing timely service, equitable access, and diverse resources. We assist our users with compassion and care for their whole person.
Inclusive Community
We value the diversity and experiences of our community and aspire to create welcoming, inclusive, and equitable spaces, both within the physical building and online.
We work closely with each other and with a broad spectrum of community and campus partners, building relationships to improve services, resources, and programs for all.
Institutional Memory
We play a lead role in the stewardship of Fairfield University’s historical and cultural resources, through the preservation and management of institutional records and objects, for current researchers and future generations.
We rise to the challenge of our users’ rapidly changing needs through adaptability, creativity, and trying out new tools, methodologies, and ideas.
We encourage a culture of engagement and exploration through the development of critical thinking and thoughtful reflection. We prepare our community with the information and skills needed to become knowledge creators and to develop a desire for self-education.
Academic & Intellectual Freedom
We believe our community’s right to free inquiry is essential to the mission and success of our institution. We provide access to a wide range of information and viewpoints through the resources we make available.
Staff Development & Professional Growth
We appreciate the diverse talents of our staff and encourage one another to develop our potential by taking advantage of opportunities to grow our skills and abilities.

Strategic Plan

Library Strategic Plan 2022-2026